Another Opportunity

Posting on this blog here is difficult. You can’t just put any crap in here. Well finding the material is not that hard, because the aim with which I started this blog was to talk about what I am doing. The problem is finding time to write about it. I already have two incomplete drafts, waiting to be finished and posted.
Even though they are pending right now. I had to post this one.
This is about one of my failures. I joined the fall course of CS184.1X (Foundation of Computer Graphics) provided by University of California, Berkley through edX under the name of BerkleyX. I didn’t succeeded in completing it. The math was confusing for me. I was trying to figure that out. Took help from Rakesh too. But couldn’t go far. I eventually had to drop out.
Due to a recent development in my University I maybe able to learn OpenGL. A third year student at my college with the help of his teacher, has started a OpenGL Implementation Workshop. Anubhav (that’s the name of the third year student) has implemented OpenGL without using Visual Studio. He implemented it in C++ itself. Now this is a good development. We have been offered to register for the workshop at college, and register for the same course for the spring semester. I have done that. I personally asked Anubhav Bhaiya about my problems and asked for help. He assured that any help required will be provided.
If this works out, at the end of this I will be having a very critical skill set required for my goal.

That is all. Finger’s crossed.



Only four students of my college registered for the OpenGL workshop. Since there were only four students. The management of our college didn’t allowed to conduct the workshop. So this hope has fallen to the ground. 😦

One thought on “Another Opportunity

  1. What made me read this post was the beginning, because I feel the same about my blog. I don’t write not because I don’t have ideas, but because I don’t have time. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one. And don’t worry about those workshops and stuff, maybe it’s really not for you, but I’m sure you’ll eventually find a way out of this situation. Best of luck 🙂

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