I am back baby doll !

Ted back in the bar
I am back baby doll

Yeah it’s funny. And exactly for that reason it’s been put there. It’s something a character ‘Ted Mosby‘ from the sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother‘ says when he was drunk and gets to a bar at the middle of a night. If you haven’t seen the sitcom it may not appeal to you, but for it’s lovers it’s awesome. By the way if you haven’t seen it, the website for the sitcom is here.

I haven’t posted anything since 20th April. And that’s a real turn-down, but in my defense I was busy in exams. Yeah this whole months of May and June. I spent May in my college studying for exams and I spent my June in my home studying for my one last exam. However I have been free since then. And yes I know that I committed to be completing CS255 but I got a book on Node.js , and I couldn’t resist myself from reading it. So yes there is one more cloud added to my mist which I have to clear and set up this blog earlier to help me with. But in my defense I have completed two out of three chapters which covers all the basics. From chapter fourth onward it is all about advanced APIs.

Yes more 2.5 months is a huge time gap and I shouldn’t have done that but it’s because all students of engineering colleges have a habit of learning in the end right before the exams. I should change that and since my college work is going to tougher I will be working on it throughout the semester so there ain’t extra pressure on me right before the exam.

I decided to hang CS255 for a little bit while longer, because of two reasons. First I am working on learning Node.js and second I have three books other than my work already on my rack to be read. So while I am gonna be busy, I will continue to be posting here about what I am doing  and my progress in it.

P.S. :

I acquired GRID2 recently so I am going to spend some of my time playing it.

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