jQuery to Jump Start PHP – SitePoint’s give-away


I have recently started developing a website. I wanted it to be filled with things I don’t know yet. So going to tutorials and articles on the internet was an obvious choice.

Searching for a method to make the div elements sticky after a certain amount of scrolling ( in other words , window-scroll + scroll-position + display:fixed ), came up with results containing the usage of JQuery. Now to be fair I have never used JQuery. Like never ever. Although I have worked on JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas.So I don’t remember exactly how but I bumped on to the SitePoint’s website. I already knew about them; and have used their website once or twice. The tutorials are decent. They aren’t riddled with flaws, plus at the least the articles are free to read. I can’t do a review on Sitepoint; as admittedly I don’t have enough experience with their services to do a review.

I have always known about the publishing companies giving out free copies of their books to blogger’s to review. They give these to the bloggers who matter, not the ones like me who virtually doesn’t exist. And I never thought that I might get a free e-book from them due to my blog. My blog doesn’t have that kind of readership. And it is due to the fact that there isn’t enough material here to read. I have proven myself too lazy to put contents here.

But something different happened yesterday. As I was going through the article they presented me with a pop-up stating that they are giving away e-books to the readers from India. They offered me an ebook on PHP named Jump Start PHP by Callum Hopkins.

Jump Start PHP
Jump Start PHP

I haven’t gone through the book yet, but as they mentioned : Who Should read this book ?

Developers seeking a rapid introduction to PHP . You’ll need to know HTML and
CSS, and experience with other programming languages would be useful.

Skimming through a bit, it gives a sense of a book written for beginners who are already in web development, know about server-side programming, but haven’t used them. Someone who knows about PHP maybe have seen some code, but haven’t written in PHP anything. I do believe though that someone who has done some basic PHP can also benefit from the book.

That said I will mention the book again when I do a full review ( I feel obliged to do a review, whether it reaches many people or not. Whether the people at SitePoint gets to know about this review or next of mine or not ).

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