Another Opportunity

Posting on this blog here is difficult. You can’t just put any crap in here. Well finding the material is not that hard, because the aim with which I started this blog was to talk about what I am doing. The problem is finding time to write about it. I already have two incomplete drafts, waiting to be finished and posted.
Even though they are pending right now. I had to post this one.
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I dislike my courses.

Recently I have been terribly preoccupied with my exams. Today they are finally over. Phew…
I don’t like exams. I am not meant for them. Exams are not a perfect way to figure out a person’s knowledge base.
I have never been good at exams. I was never able to score in them. Even the one’s in which I know the course content perfectly well.
I especially dislike those courses, which are not going to be of any use to me in the future. I loathe such courses. Why can’t we all be asked what do we wish to do in future and then be given courses according to that ?
I wish to go in the 3D graphics field ( to be specific game development ), I don’t wish to go anywhere near networking or hardware. But still I have to study courses like Computer networks and computer architecture. I loathe these courses.There is no real benefit to me in these courses, but I have to study them because they are in my syllabus. 😦
This all is so irritating. First there are these subjects, and as if that’s not enough, there are these dumb teachers of those subjects.


Coding without knowing how to type… Sounds weird right .
That’s what I do. It’s not that I don’t know how to type. I do know how to type. I mean how hard it is to type. You look at the keyboard find the key you are looking for, then press it. Simple. But what if you wish to type with more speed. You definitely are gonna get better at it with time. But there will always be a certain limitation on you.The limitation of using two to three , max four fingers. However to cross this limitation one has to use all the fingers.
The skill of typing is not something that is easily acquired. One has to work for it. It’s not easy but it’s super handy. Once you learn how to type without looking at your keyboard, then you can do much more things quickly than others. Working with keyboards using keyboard shortcuts is always a quicker way to do things.
I can type by looking at keyboard, and I try to use more than four of my fingers. I don’t know how to type; and I think that’s an important skill I am lagging.
I am trying to type by looking at the keyboard using the correct fingers, but I always mess up by using wrong fingers. I hope I learn typing soon.

P.S. : This post took me the longest time to type. 😦