Having issues.

I don’t know what’s going around, but somehow the editor of wordpress.com is not working in my chrome. I haven’t checked on internet yet, but I will later try to post via firefox, which is in my download queue right now. I managed to post this using “Quick Press” from my dashboard.
I thought that I won’t ever be using “Quick Press” throughout my bolgging. But here I am….
It is kind of strange, You never know when such little things are going to save your from difficult times.

One more failure

It’s been a week since I posted anything here. I was in my home town. Things were hectic there. I never ever got enough time to sit down and relax. However one can always find out time for his/her dire needs. Probably I don’t care about posting here, or I don’t care about anything at all (Am I living my life in a fruitful way ?? It is a question that is needed to be answered). Earlier on 1st of the January I posted about a competition organized by IIT Kgp. An event named “The Marauder’s Map”. Continue reading “One more failure”


OpenCV - Logo

OpenCV is an image processing library. It has been in existence since 2001. It can be used with C++, C, Python and JAVA. Supporting Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS ; OpenCV was created with one goal in mind : speed. Originally developed by Intel , it is now being supported and developed by Willow Garage (A robotics research company developing Continue reading “OpenCV”

New Year …. New Work

It’s a new year, and I succeeded in finally getting OpenCV to run on my laptop. I decided to leave windows and switch to Linux for this work. I didn’t wished to use Visual Studio, instead I wanted to work through terminal. this is started due to Kshitij 2013 – the Techno management fest Continue reading “New Year …. New Work”

HTML beginnings

Yesterday I was asked by Rohini (Name changed) to teach her something about computers, and since she is a computer science graduate, I thought that teaching her how to use computers effectively is a dishonor to her. So I started by insulting her a little bit telling her how to reload and pin tabs in chrome, How to manage bookmarks, and how to go to history, close tabs, reopen tabs etc… (keyboard shortcuts mainly). Continue reading “HTML beginnings”


edX – Home Page

edX is an M.O.O.C. project started by MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY and HARVARD UNIVERSITY in collaboration. Anant Aggrawal from M.I.T. is the first and current president of edX. As it is a massive open online course project there are some courses which are available to be taken by anyone all around the world. Continue reading “edX”