Samsung Galaxy Star

I haven’t put a anything over here since a long time. And there is a reason for that. I was busy playing with my new android phone. By playing I mean hanging around looking for apps trying then out. Enjoying features of Android (yeah okay gaming was involved too), but that’s what I do. I play with other people’s implementation look at how good the work they have been doing. And then I keep on learning to make myself able to do the things which are already being done by others and if possible better 🙂


Anyways I bought a Samsung Galaxy Star (GT-S5282).
It’s got a single core 1.3 ghz processor. 2 GB internal memory. 512 MB Ram. 802.11 b/g wifi.
2 megapixel camera. No front facing camera. A 320X240 resolution 3 inch screen,  with a specification of 133 dpi.
I bought it during summer holiday for 5K. It comes with a USB cable which helps in developing for android.


An interesting thing, I couldn’t set my bsnl broadband modem to open the port for play store used in Android. However here in Jalandhar with the Internet connection I use I didn’t had any problems with play store, but the irony is I couldn’t get ports to open for my torrent clients.
I have been using the phone to test the apps I have been developing. The simulator for android is too slow. So having a phone to do testing is a life saver.
I have been spending my time learning android and java. I will put about my first simple app. However I am also thinking about making a game for Android. However I don’t even have a plot /type in mind.
P. S.
Flatland book seems interesting. Let’s see if I can find my way to a game in it.

I am back baby doll !

Ted back in the bar
I am back baby doll

Yeah it’s funny. And exactly for that reason it’s been put there. It’s something a character ‘Ted Mosby‘ from the sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother‘ says when he was drunk and gets to a bar at the middle of a night. If you haven’t seen the sitcom it may not appeal to you, but for it’s lovers it’s awesome. By the way if you haven’t seen it, the website for the sitcom is here.

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