Free ebook: Jump Start PHP

Free ebook Jump Start PHP

In my previous post I mentioned about SitePoint’s free offering of their book on PHP. The above screenshot is of their site offering the eBook. I tried searching for a link where they are offering this book, but couldn’t find any. Then it struck my mind, that maybe it has something to do with how much time you have spent on their site or up to where you have scrolled.

Long Story Short I didn’t dig much into their website to figure out the script responsible for showing the offer to visitors. But I did managed to write a script to display the offer over-riding their choice of when they want to give the offer to the users of their website. So anyone can get the eBook offered by them without worrying about if they are gonna offer the book, by themselves.

To get the book for yourself, just go to SitePoint . Go to URL bar and paste the code  I am giving here and press Enter key :

javascript:(function(){var item=document.getElementById(‘modal-india-promo’);’block’;’visible’;}) ();

The offer will now be visible to you. Fill in your email-address, they will generate a link containing a voucher for you. Follow the link, to their sister site Learnable and you can download the book from there. They offer three formats namely PDF, EPUB and MOBI. You can read the book online too directly from their website. One email id can be used only once.

Caution : While copying some browsers might remove the first characters containing “javascript:” . So you may require to manually add “javascript:” in the beginning after copying the code.

If you get your copy of the book successfully please comment here. Just saying “I got the book” will be fine. It will give me the pleasure of knowing that somebody got a free book with a little help from me.

And I do hope that people at SitePoint won’t be offended by me because of this post.

One thought on “Free ebook: Jump Start PHP

  1. I am very keen to get a copy of this book. I’ve been told it is a good starting point to learn PHP. Sadly, I missed the opportunity of use this clever hack by 3 years.
    If the book is DRM free, would you please consider sharing a copy of the mobi format?

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